Jackets Might Have That Phoenix Hex Solved

This is developing quickly and will dominate the NHL news for the next 30 days.  But it looks like Jim Balsillie has Gary Bettman by the short hairs and is going to move in and buy the Coyotes, pay off the team debts, and move to Hamilton in time for the draft.  And you can bet that Hamilton would be a temporary stop for this team.

Here comes Jim Balsillie again.

The Canadian billionaire has made an offer of $212.5-million (U.S.) for the Phoenix Coyotes with the intention of moving the team to Southern Ontario.

“The current team ownership asked that I table an offer to purchase the Coyotes and significant discussions resulted in an offer that is in the best interests of the franchise, the NHL, and the great hockey fans of Canada and Southern Ontario,” Mr. Balsillie said.


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