CBJ Broadcast-Gate Nightmare Is Over

For now, at least.  In case you haven’t heard, Danny Gare is gone, his contract not renewed.  Bill Davidge will move from the radio booth to the chair along side Jeff Rimer.  George Matthews is looking for a new partner.  This puts the whole controversy to rest and saves the organization some money, because I don’t think the move for Davidge included much of a pay increase if any and radio guys are cheaper that TV guys.

I don’t care who the Jackets hire because they haven’t cared much themselves.  Yeah, I know, Jeff Rimer is nothing but a MacLean crony, but George Matthews is a full member of the PEI mafia, which was the only requirement for employment back when the franchise was starting up.

And look, catch a few other teams’ broadcasts before you pronounce George and Bill as simply the best.  I have nothing against either one of them.  I’ve met George outside the rink and he has been charming.  Davidge and I worked together years ago at hockey camps and he was a good guy.  But there is a lot of talent out there to consider before you make your judgements.

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