NHL Wrap Up 5/2/09

OK, it’s been awhile, but I’m back at it.

Chicago 3, Vancouver 5.  Vancouver won this one, but as the Great Darryl Reaugh said, “Chicago is too young and inexperienced to know when they are out of it.”

Anaheim 2, Detroit 3.  I guess Columbus didn’t tire the Red Wings very much.

Carolina 1, Boston 4.  Is this the year for the Bruins?  It is looking that way.

Pittsburgh 2, Washington 3.  It was interesting to watch these teams trade off against each other.  First Pittsburgh would dominate, then Washington, and then the Pens for a long period of time.  Until they messed up and the Capitals won.

Chicago 6, Vancouver 3.  What a game!  Yes, the Hawks don’t know when they are out of it.  They should have lost this game, but just turned it up another gear and put Vancouver away in the sceond period.  The next two in Chicago will be interesting and possibly one-sided.

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