More Thoughts

I’m still tired from standing for nearly the entire game.  I sit in 102 and there were a lot of first-timers in my section last night.  First timers at a hockey game and first timers in section 102.  Here’s a tip for some of you; you pay $80+ for these seats because they provide you with a good view.  When the play goes down into the corners away from you, use the well-placed video screen in the center of the rink to watch the action.  I didn’t mind standing from mid-second period on, but it was not necessary before that.  Did you think you should stand to watch the icings?  After eight season and $60,000, it wasn’t fun to have you pucktards standing up and blocking my view.  The ushers did a good job of keeping people from going to their seats during play, by the way.

But one other comment here; throwing the beer cans and bottles was not cool.  Yes, it was a bad call and it led directly to the winning goal, but you don’t throw bottles and cans on the ice.  Have you ever skated and had your blade catch a piece of debris on the ice?  It’s like getting your legs yanked out from under you, a total surprise.

An octopus is wrong, but a beer bottle is OK?

As I heard Jason Chimera say after the game, he felt that the fans can do what they like since they pay a lot of money to attend these events, but he said the Jackets wanted to get right back at the Red Wings but had to wait while the ice was cleaned.  It didn’t help the team.


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