NHL Wrap Up 4/20/09

Boston 4, Montreal 2.  Jack Edwards, my favorite homer-announcer, compared the Bruins’ win last night with the citizens who fired the first shots at Bunker Hill.  I kid you not and will post at least the audio when I find it.  It was Patriot’s Day (not in honor of the football team, you pucktards) and Jack got the day off school, but his comments were over the top even for him.  Oh yeah, Montreal players are looking for a way to leave town as quickly as they can on Thursday.

Washington 4, NY Rangers 0.  Sean Avery goes off his medication and gets 18 minutes in penalties.  He was a distraction all right, but for his own team.  Hey Jackets, see what happens when other players pick up the scoring to help out when their leader is being smothered?

Chicago 2, Calgary 4.  Calgary used the home ice advantage to grab this game early.  Nice to see Curtis Glenncross playing well and getting a lot of minutes.  Oh, and with the game under control in the final minute, Dion Phaneuf gets some cheap PIM’s.  That was how he got his name on the score sheet.  But he was still minus 1 for the night, with 0 points and 0 shots on goal.


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