NHL Wrap Up 4/15/09

NY Rangers 4, Washington 3.  Wow, Jose Theordore is so bad.  I’ve seen better goaltending in the Chiller Adult Leagues.  The 65 mph goal by Gomez was a sign that the Caps better heed.  I also enjoyed Avery’s slew foot on that goal.

Philadelphia 1, Pittsburgh 4.  “If you play hockey, you will win.”  Words to live by, Scottie Hartnell.  You truly are a scumbag.  Get a haircut and shut up!

Carolina 1, New Jersey 4.  This one surprised me.  Carolina only took 19 shots on goal.  Lesson here for the Blue Jackets.

St. Louis 1, Vancouver 2.  Why did Vancouver only score two goals?  Will Chris Mason inspire his team to play better after his performance last night?  And how about Barret (Turtle) Jackman taking a shot off the head and NOT missing a shift?  What a man!


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