This video has made the rounds and most of you have viewed it, but it truly defines a pucktard.  No doubt our friends in Detroit and other cities are having a good laugh at our expense, as they should.  Is this payback for all those “I’m smarter than a Nashville fan” videos?

Don’t wear OSU gear to a Blue Jacket hockey game, people.  Go to NHL.com and get up to speed. Spoiler Alert:  Hockey is played all around the world and was well-established before the Blue Jackets were born.  Serving free chili after three goals is not the general rule.

Thank you, Dispatch.  You truly serve the public.

2 responses to “Pucktards

  1. I can’t view video right now, but I’m assuming this is the “Blue Jacket fans know nothing about how the playoffs work” video?

    I found it funny, but odd that it came from a Dispatch photog/reporter.

    Fun fact of the day: I used to attend church with Mr. Chenoweth.

    Carry the Flag.

  2. Right you are, oh vaunted blogger. The video touches all the bases; OSU fans, young, old, male, female, other. But hey, as Benjamin Marrison would say, The Dispatch owns the Jackets. He is right of course, they do own 10% of the team.

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