I have to do these now because my show-off mentor is getting all the attention.


Montreal #8 vs. Boston #1:  Boston in five.  Because Montreal is out of gas and really lost. Bob Gainey’s farewell and Jacques Lemaire’s move-in?

NY Rangers #7 vs. Washinton #2:  The Ovechkins in six.  The Caps have last year’s experience to remember and have too much speed for the Rangers.  Watch for Avery to get leveled by AO.

Carolina #6 vs. New Jersey #3:  Carolina in six because Marty (or Fatso as some like to call him) is not as sharp as he used to be.  Still, he can keep the Devils in the series, but he can’t score for them.

Philadelphia #5 vs. Pittsburgh #4:  A nice bloody series to follow.  I’m going with the Pens in seven and then too wounded to go on.  Crosby is should put the jersey with the bullseye on now.


Anaheim #8 vs. San Jose #1:  The Sharks in six, but they will be bloodied.  But they will move on.  And so will Pronger.

Columbus #7 vs. Detroit #2:  TBA

St. Louis #6 vs. Vancouver #3:  The Canucks and in only five.  Man, am I bold or what?

Calgary #5 vs. Chicago #4:  The Blackhawks in seven.  This will be a tough series and the Flames will have to play well just to avoid the torture that Coach Mike subjects them to.  But they are undermanned and hurting and really not playing well lately.  The Hawks went through their tough times a month ago and are back on track.

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