Nice Opening Round

From Kukla’s Korner:

Bottom Line: How Bad Do The Wings Want This?

I believe our Uncle Mike is the best coach in the NHL.  I do.  But Ken Hitchcock is pretty damned close.  He’s got a system. He employs that system.  His team dislikes him intensely and he doesn’t care.  They’ve bought into it and here we go again.  It’s 1998 and the Wings are playing a gritty, hard-hitting, abrasive Dallas Stars team with great goaltending.  11 years later and here we are again.

Listen to Hitch and you’d think his boys have no chance. None.  Lou Holtz-like.  The Columbus press, because they’ve never covered a playoff series before, is eating up everything he’s saying and spitting it right back.  They’re in for a lesson, too.  Hitch is going to lie to them the whole way. Every word is strategy.  Every single one.

As Flounder would say, “Boy, is this great!”

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