Playoff Opponent

A few things to consider as we await to see who the Jackets play in the first round:

If the Jackets fall to seventh today and draw Detroit, that is not necessarily a bad thing.  First off, the Red Wings are in the same time zone, so travel will not be a factor.  And for you fans, the games will be telecast so that you can watch the games and not be a zombie at work the next day.  You could also drive up to Joe Louis and see the games.  Lastly, the Blue Jackets have had success against Detroit and know what to expect.

Vancouver is three time zones away, so travel will be a serious factor for both teams.  Watching games will be easy for those of us who are unemployed.  I don’t see many local fans driving to Vancouver to cheer on the Blue Jackets, but it is a beautiful drive once you get past Iowa.  As for matching up against the Canucks, they are a different team since they acquired Mats Sundin.  And they have even changed their style in the past ten games.

I know what I want and that is for the Adam Foote-less Avalanche to win today and keep St. Louis behind us.  I simply like the idea of finishing higher in the standings.  We are 3-1-0 against Vancouver.


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