Nationwide Thoughts

To the guy who wore the Cavs jersey to the CBJ game yesterday and showed off his LeBron tatoo; you are sick, worse than any puck-tard.  Did you even shower first?  And how about laundering the jersey next time you wear it out in public?  Could you hit the gym and tone those arms?  And a couple more swipes of Old Spice, too.

To the nice woman from Chicago who caught a t-shirt during pre-game and then gave it to a young Blue Jacket fan; way to go!  You showed a lot of class and made a young child happy.

To those of you in awe of Mike Commodore swatting the puck away from the open Blue Jacket net; old number 22 was smarter than you think.  If he had caught the puck and threw it or even closed his hand a little on the puck, it would have been a penalty shot for the Blackhawks.  Because Commodore was standing in the paint or crease, closing a hand on the puck in that area is a penalty shot violation.  But Mr. Commodore showed his coolness and smarts on that play, swatting it out past the blue line.

To those of you who didn’t go to the game, what’s up?  If you’re out of a job or short of money, I understand.  But if you watched the game in a bar instead of going to Nationwide, shame on you.  And if you missed the game because you were preparing for the OSU Spring Game, get off my blog.

To Standard Parking Corporation; you guys are doing your best to kill the atmosphere in the Arena District.  I really liked how you posted one rate for parking yesterday at your unattended lot with a payment box and then, when all your customers were inside Nationwide, you came and put a velcro-attached temporary sign up charging more than triple the price over the original rate, and then gave all your customers a nasty notice demanding collection or else.  That’s like buying a ticket for a hockey game, getting through the ticket check-in stations, but then having the ushers tell you that the team decided to raise prices after you got in.  You may call it standard business practices, but most people call it fraud or a crime.  Wait till the Ohio Attorney General hears about this!  This is another good reason why we need better public transportation in Columbus so we can avoid scum pirates like Standard Parking.


2 responses to “Nationwide Thoughts

  1. What’s a spring game? 🙂

    Didn’t attend yesterday, but Mrs. EOB and I will be in attendance on Saturday night and the first home post-season game in franchise history.

    They cracked me up on TV when late in the third they came back from a commercial break to have Rimer say over a shot of about ten guys standing up with their arms crossed, “the crowd here at Nationwide Arena is going crazy tonight.” It sounded awesome through the microphones, but that particular shot made me laugh.

  2. Didn’t make it to the game yesterday…decided not to rush back from Nashville and wanted to stop and visit my parents in Cincinnati. Can I get a pass on this one?

    Especially since I won’t get a pass for next week — Crew game at the same time, and I already have a ticket to that, but not to the Jackets game. So I’m planning to stick with the Crew, although I am torn about it. I just keep telling myself that for once the last game of the regular season isn’t going to be the last game of the year, so I can miss this one as long as I make it to the playoff games. 😉

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