Jackets Win, Dispatch Readies Special Playoff Issue

Nashville 1, Columbus 2.  Nice game in front of 14, 495 fans.  Yeah, attendance was low, but unemployment is up in case you didn’t know.  Still, I did see a lot of Yuppie scum at the game last night, no doubt the beneficiaries of free tickets.  There were four people near me who arrived late, always got up before the end of a period, always returned to their seats well after the next period started, and then left the game with ten minutes remaining.  One of them played the I’m over here game, waving her arms while signaling her friend as to where she was sitting.  I like that game as long as the players sit behind me.

Back to the real game.  It was a nice effort from the Blue Jackets, who controlled the puck in the first period very well.  Fedor Tyutin passed to players wearing blue tonight, but this time they were on the same team.  Kris Russell played a very strong game, creating some scoring chances.

The team gets to rest up until Saturday.  Lots of time to talk about the playoffs.  Maybe I can catch a lacrosse game in the next few days.

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