Officiating May Vary Depending Upon Your Crew

Yesterday, the Chicago Blackhawks hosted the Vancouver Canucks and the two teams had a few issues to iron out as shown by the video below.

Now, I looked at the official box score and added up the penalty minutes.  I got a total of 98 minutes.  When the Blue Jackets hosted Calgary on the 26th, the PIM came out to 124, with 64 going to Columbus.  There were five fights in the Chicago game including a head shot to a goalie.  Yet the officals working the Chicago-Vancouver game, Paul Devorski and Mike Hasenfratz, didn’t feel the need to hand out as many penalties as Dave Jackson and Frederick L’Ecuyer did in the Blue Jacket-Flames game.  Unless Dovorsk and Hasenfratz had a different rule book with them yesterday.


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