Not Pretty

St. Louis 5, Columbus 2.  No, that wasn’t Syracuse playing tonight in place of the Blue Jackets.  It was no fun to sit through at all.  Oh sure, Fedor Tyutin scored his 100th NHL point, but he also recorded his umpteenth giveaway, resulting in the last St. Louis goal.  Maybe the fact that it was switch jersey night and the Blues were wearing the blue uniforms confused him and countless other Jackets.

Why does Steve Mason have to play game after game?  It was obvious that he was not sharp tonight and could have used the rest.  Dubie could have played this one and one of the Florida games.

Can the Jackets put a request into the NHL for Greg Kimmerly to not work their games?  The man has it in for the team and continues to call anything he can against them.  Just asking.

Hey Jacket fans, when the other goalie playing against the team is also named Mason, do you think you could not chant “Mason, you suck”?  Yeah, those chants were funny when I was in college, but they’re kind of old now and completely pointless when both goalies are named Mason.

Syracuse did win tonight over Toronto and are tied for the last playoff spot in their division.  Nikita Filatov had two goals and a shootout tally.

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