ESPN, You Suck

I’m trying to watch the North Dakota-New Hampshire HOCKEY game, an NCAA Tournament Game, and you have a routine lacrosse game on.  And you won’t even bother to make it available on an alternate channel.  The lax game is not a championship or important event, just a bunch of white, suburban kids running around who are totally incapable of ending this damn thing so I can see the hockey game.

Way to go, ESPN.  A total waste of Melrose and Buccigross.


I missed the whole first period, ESPN.  You know, this might be interesting if you were showing a Duke lax game, because it would have hookers and strippers.  Or maybe you could have Dublin Coffman on with their history of sodomy.

Oh great, another f*#@ing timeout.

***UPDATE:  6th OT***

Can’t anybody here play this game?  Grab the ball and shoot it, preferably at the goal, you morons.  Great, another f*#@ing save on a bad shot.  How about another timeout?  Have the coach draw up another useless play for you guys.

***UPDATE:  The nightmare is over***

One of the players put that thingy into the goal!  So quit the game, ESPN.  Don’t even think about a post-game show.  Nobody cares.


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