Next Stop, St. Louis

Last night was one of those rare times when not only did the Blue Jackets defeat a key Western Conference opponent, but other teams lost some crucial games; Vancouver, Nashville, Edmonton, and Dallas. It was a great night all around.

Did Jordan Tootoo get his revenge on Brad Staubitz last night?  It was at home, which is Tootoo’s favorite place to get tough.  Staubitz must have been facing Tootoo whenver he was on the ice, because Tootoo isn’t known for hitting people when they face him.  Kind of like Dion Phaneuf.

Tonight, Colorado hosts Vancouver.  Time for Adam Foote to show his legendary leadership and will his team to victory.  “The Avalanche (31-41-2) have been the NHL’s worst team over the last five weeks, with a 3-11-1 record over that span. They’ve lost five straight …”  as of today.  It’s no coincidence that Columbus improved after he left while Colorado fell behind.

Nationwide is a great place and the fans are terrific, but a few haven’t figured out that if the they have seat number that is less than ten, then they should enter and exit on that side, usually the right.  That way, as I enjoy the game from my seat numbered 15, I won’t have to get up during the game while you come in from my left to find your seat, number four.  And if you do that during the playoffs, please bring a note from your mother excusing you for being a dumb shit.

I heard that there are not very many playoff tickets left.  If so, that is terrific.  If not, you better get yours ordered as soon as possible.  If they make the playoffs.  It’s not official yet despite what The Dispatch says.

If Doug MacLean were still here, would he draft B.J. Mullens?  That would be the kind of stunt he would pull.

And speaking of MacLean, was anyone out there able to catch any of Sportsnet last night?  They cover the Flames and Dougie is a studio guy for the network.  I’m sure that while he talked up the Flames last night, he also took all the credit for the success of the Blue Jackets.

Good luck OSU tomorrow against Boston University, the #1 team in college hockey.


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