Press Coverage?

Yesterday, almost as if he read my earlier post about press coverage, the esteemed Benjamin J. Marrison, Dispatch Editor, wrote in his weekly lecture about the quality and quantity of the newspaper’s Blue Jacket coverage.  I say “almost as if he read” my blog, because as we all know, The Dispatch does not acknowledge or even mention blogs in their newspaper.  The only blogs worth reading, according to them, are the blogs written and published by The Dispatch.

But Benjamin, let me say right here that I personally think that your paper does a good job covering the team, in season and out.  You should not feel the need to write a defense of your coverage at all.  I wish that your writers wouldn’t speculate so much on trades and roster moves, but that is my own opinion.  I’m sure other readers love those subjects and are very happy.

I would not have written any praise during the Doug MacLean era.  In fact, I was very unhappy with the way The Dispatch covered up for him, failed to challenge him, hold him accountable, be even-handed with him, etc.  I started blogging about the team because of way the paper seemed to me to be nothing more than a series of talking points for MacLean. Perhaps if Doug had faced some hard questions during his tenure with the team, he might have not been as bold (or blundering) as he was.  It was almost as if Doug would say something outrageous, then find his remarks quoted without comment in The Dispatch, and then felt the need to carry out his stupidity.  I’m not say the paper was complicit during the MacLean years, just that it sort of lost track of what was actually happening.

But those days are over and we have good coverage from the newspaper.  As for the local television stations, they still feel the need to be Buckeye mouthpieces.  The Blue Jackets rate coverage when there is a good fight during a game, the Buckeyes are idle, or they feel some kind of shame.  I’ll have more thoughts on this later.


3 responses to “Press Coverage?

  1. I think the Dispatch does a good job these days covering the team, although I agree with you that they were far too easy on Doug for too long.

    What does bother me about hockey coverage in Columbus is that the Dispatch is pretty much the only source of independent (and how independent they are is a question, given the paper’s ownership stake in the team) discussion about the team apart from the blogs. 1460 has the games and the Ken Hitchcock and Breakfast with the Blue Jackets shows, but those are all done by team employees. And as you note, there’s next to nothing on TV. So CBJ coverage and discussion is pretty much limited to: 1) The Dispatch 2) team mouthpieces 3) fan discussion on blogs and messageboards. And of course, those of us in #3 learn most info about the team beyond what we observe at games from #1 and #2…

  2. I should have stated that I’m satisfied with The Dispatch coverage of the CBJ, but I can’t say the same thing about their other hockey coverage. For instance, I had to find out from your blog about OSU making the NCAA Hockey Tournament and was really disappointed by the small coverage the Buckeyes received from the paper today. WSYX (Channel 6) did have coverage of that story last night, by the way.

    The CBJ do have fewer mouthpieces talking for the team these days, but that is probably because Scott Howson doesn’t see the value in being in the media all the time.

    I stay away from the message boards because of doctor’s orders.

  3. “I stay away from the message boards because of doctor’s orders.”


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