Press Coverage

With Ohio State Men out of the NCAA Tournament, we can probably assume an increase in local press coverage of the Blue Jackets.  Sure, they’ll cover the OSU Women’s team, but half-heartedly.  Unless the Buckeyes go deep into their tournament, the local TV stations will have to mention the Blue Jackets more than twice a week.  Mindy Drayer will go on and on about the Spring game, but that is to be expected from her. A cheerleader’s life is not an easy one.

It is convenient for the local broadcast media that the team is in Florida on Spring Break.  The Jackets should be the top sports story every night, but unless you read The Dispatch, you don’t hear much about them.  Just us bloggers posting away.

With more press coverage comes more local interest, and with that you get more fans in the building.  The team needs fans not only for the support they provide, but to generate more revenue.  Next season is going to be a tough one for professional sports and the challenges to hockey are even tougher.  The sport depends upon gate receipts more than others because it doesn’t have a lucrative TV contract.  And the economy is not going to improve much until after next season begins.

So lets see what happens.  I am showing a lot of confidence that the team will make the playoffs, but the odds are favorable.  I want to see the three/four TV stations trip over each other with their nightly coverage.

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