Upon Further Review

582px-animal_house_deltasI kept waiting to hear that last night after Jason Williams’ shot from the blue line.  The puck sure looked like it when in to me, but hey, even the NHL.com is not showing replays of that one.

One thing I don’t need to review was the hit Rusty Klesla did.  I was sitting right there and it was a good call.

But what was Don VanMassenhoven thinking on that call he made on Jared Boll for diving?  Come on, Don.  Do you think Boll would dive twice in a row right in front on you?  Was that a stealth stick between his legs and I’m not talking about an Easton model?  That was atrocious.  But fans, learn who the referee is when you call him out or taunt him.  Can’t the NHL put the officials’ names and numbers in the free programs that they hand out?  I was cringing everytime I heard “Hey, number 21, you stink!”

And where were all the fans last night?  Only 15,000 for a game against Chicago?  Folks, the game is much better live instead of at some bar.  You can get tickets for a song here in Columbus.  You know how many people are going to be at the United Center for the Blackhawks next game?  I’ll give you a hint, 22,140.

I watched Rick Nash’s goal a few times this morning and I liked his no look shot.  It’s in a class with Jason Williams’ shootout goal that he didn’t really shoot.

Last night, Jason/Matt got up to do a little dancing to the song “Shout” and I do believe he had female accompaniment.  And I do believe that the woman should be brought back to be part of an all-star “Dancing With The Blue Jackets” feature, with her, Jason/Matt, and Kevin.  Although I hear Kevin is still pouting about Jason/Matt.


4 responses to “Upon Further Review

  1. Yeah, the hit Rusty laid in the corner was a good call. And the Boll dive call was BS, even from the other corner of the arena.

    We were sitting along the goal line across the ice from you, Truth. I happened to be looking right at Huet when Williams unleashed that slapper: didn’t go in.

  2. So you’re now part of the War Room, Drew? You could have stopped by as I’m sure you noticed the empty seats near me.

  3. I did notice. I wondered if you’d had too many chili dogs or something.

    At old Tiger Stadium, my Dad never had any trouble moving from the last row of the upper deck to front row of the right field porch. It always embarrassed me a little, and that seems to have carried over to adulthood. I sit in the seats I paid for, even when people say, “I know the usher, Walter, and he doesn’t care.” It’s a sickness. I keep forgetting to put your info in my new phone so I can text you from the War Room during the game.

    We’ll probably be at the 4/11 game, and we’ll be at the first home playoff game (yes, we’ll be there).

  4. Oh, and how about the hip check that Methot threw in the third?

    It would be very decent of Edmonton to stop playing in 3-point games as well.

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