Dump In’s

OK, Blue Jacket fans let Jack Edwards have it and I must say that he didn’t censor the comments much.  I mean the comments that used words that had more than four letters and didn’t rhyme with firetruck or bass fishing.  Of course, Jack hasn’t posted anything since the Columbus game.

Michael Arace on the other hand wrote what many of us feel, that OSU should not be marketed at NHL hockey games.  The comments at his site were all positive.  That’s another great sign, that the same people who can blast Jack Edwards can crank out comments on other blogs so quickly.  Just kidding.  Curious as to why The Dispatch did not run the piece in the paper for all to enjoy.  Can you imagine the comments if that would have happened?  Ray Stein is a smart guy after all.

Bowling Green is going to have a hockey team next season.  After that, who knows.  Kind of curious, the timing on this.  The school finds out that it may have lost $15 million, so to distract people from that bad news, announces it will have hockey after all.  The school that gave us Nick Mileti and Tom Noe (dropout) has some money problems, what do you know?  By the way, I have a lot of BGSU alums in my family and circle of freinds.  Many of them didn’t turn out like Tom Noe.

Will the Blackhawks be ready tonight?  They are heading the wrong way at the wrong time of the season.  Can they hold on to fourth place in the West?

Finally, if President Obama can get the retention bonus money back from AIG, can we get Adam Foote to return part of his compensation to the Blue Jackets?  (Gratuitous Adam Foote rant.)


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