Hockey To Stay At BGSU

According to the Toledo Blade:

BOWLING GREEN – Bowling Green State University will keep all 18 sports teams – including hockey – for the 2009-10 school year, the university announced Tuesday.

Following concerns the university would cut its hockey team, a letter to BGSU fans and supporters from Athletic Director Greg Christopher promises to keep all sports for the upcoming school year.

Now about that $15 million …


4 responses to “Hockey To Stay At BGSU

  1. 15 million would cover a decent bit of renovation costs, one might think. Ah, well.

    I’m at least glad that BGSU hockey has some short term security. I hope you and Sarah keep people aware of what’s going on there – they deserve a long term future, too.

  2. But Matt, hockey is already doomed to fail at BGSU unless the university makes a commitment to keep the program around for a longer period of time. Saying that hockey will be back next year only helps kill the program; who would want to play hockey there under this cloud of uncertainty? The arena still needs repairs and upgrades, but that was not addressed. Legitimate college hockey prospects are not going to return calls from Bowling Green.

  3. I’m pleased to hear this. The CCHA needs it’s perennial cellar dweller and doormat!

  4. Yes, if BG had pulled out, it would have been up to Ferris State or Lake Superior to fill that role.

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