More Thoughts On Last Night

Detroit came to Nationwide ready to play and got right down to business.  The entire Red Wing team deserves praise, even Brian Rafalski.  More importantly, if you’re a Red Wing fan, the team supported Chris Osgood and did not allow the Blue Jackets any time and space near his goal.

Regarding the disallowed goal, was Tomas Holmstron in the goal crease or not?  If he was in the crease and interfered with Steve Mason enough to prevent a goal, then shoudn’t a penalty have been called?  The whole in-the-crease thing has to be cleared up by the NHL.  Holmstrom is very good about knowing where the blue paint is and staying out of it.  And Paul Devorski was very certain last night that he saw Holmstrom in the paint.  If that call was reviewed by the War Room, it should have gone Detroit’s way.

Finally, I coudn’t agree more with Michael Arace about the entire OSU-Michigan stuff at yesterday’s game.  It is meaningless and has no place at Nationwide during a Blue Jacket game.  Catching Jim Tressel waving to the crowd from the private luxury box where he was seated added nothing to the game.  As the Detroit fan near me asked after Nationwide showed the video of the Red Wing wearing an OSU shirt, what does that have to do with hockey?  It was extra rediculous last night after they announced the OSU basketball score incorrectly, by the way.

But this is all part of the bigger issue in that Nationwide has pathetic in-game entertainment.  Re-plays are for those who stay away and watch the games on TV.

Anyway, as last night showed, the remaining twelve games don’t have any gimme’s.  The team has to focus on holding on to sixth place, perhaps climbing higher to fifth in the standings in a perfect world.  They were tired last night, but give full credit to Detroit.

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