What To Do When You Are On The Road

I’ve followed the Jackets on the road from time to time and always enjoyed myself.  I’ve been to Detroit a few times to see them and have always been treated well by the Red Wing fans.  They like to ask me all kinds of questions about hockey in Columbus, such as the size of the fan base, number of youth players, etc.  Nice, friendly stuff, the Buckeyes never even come up.  I’ve been to Toronto, not for a CBJ game, but I wore a Blue Jacket sweatshirt.  Again, total respect from the locals.  Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul, San Jose, Dallas, and Washington, the fans were all kind to me.

Maybe because I didn’t do something totally asshole-ish, like chant “Lets Go Pens” when Ken Hitchock was being honored in a pre-game ceremony.  I didn’t try to drown out the speech of Pat Burns, a hall of fame coach.  Could that be the reason the opposing fans treated me with respect?   What do you think?

One response to “What To Do When You Are On The Road


    Those assholes had me seeing red when they did that.

    CBJ fans were respectful and polite when Satan got his 1000th game plaque at the game in February. Show some common courtesy.

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