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Also from Kuklas Korner.  I knew it wouldn’t take Jack Edwards long.

It was a dive in an effort to help Columbus win the game. Not an example of the admirable, disciplined, hard-hitting, fight-for-every-inch-of-ice style with which Ken Hitchcock has imbued his team (it would sell well in Boston), but rather an act of shameful, gutless, weak, dishonest, cowardly wimpiness. Huselius’ dive should have been penalized — alone, without a call against Chara — but it actually got rewarded, and thus encouraged.  Blimey, it makes me mad.

Here’s the thing: Columbus had a pretty good chance to win the game anyway — and did. Did the Blue Jackets need to resort to this? Yes, I know Huselius is a talented scorer and has done his share of good honest work in his NHL career. But what he did Tuesday night, folks, was take a dive. He didn’t attempt to fight through Chara’s stick. He didn’t do his best to stay on his skates. He didn’t do his utmost to finish the play, to go ‘til the whistle and see if the ref had ruled that Chara had fouled him. He, in the politically correct jargon of the day, “did whatever he could to help his team win.”

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