If Last Night’s Game Was Called By …

Don Koharski, can you even imagine what he would have called when Tim Thomas lost his mask to Jiri “Headhunter” Novotny?  He may have said play on the way Dan Marouelli did last night, but you know that would be unlikely.  No, Koho would have dramatically called a penalty or two or three and then spent twenty minutes debating with both teams.

Sure, he might have whistled Novotny for Goalie Interference, although Thomas was not in his “privilged area”; he might have called high sticking, although there was no stick contact; he might have called roughing, although who roughed who?  But as we all know, Koharski would not simply stop at that point, he would get even more creative.

When Thomas was at the Boston bench trying to get his mask repaired, Koho would have paid a visit and told them to get a move on.  Referees always do that to goaltenders when they claim they have “equipment problems”; it’s the easiest way to get a free time-out and irritate the other team at the same time.  So after a few more minutes of repair work and calls to The Hockey Stop, Koho would have slapped Boston with a Delay of Game penalty.  And then the shit would have hit the fan.  Because nobody says “I’m in charge!” like Don Koharski.

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