Is Kevin Jealous?

Word is that Kevin, the dancing fat guy at Blue Jacket games, is pissed about all the sudden attention that Matt Garrett is getting.  Kevin was heard saying that anybody can buy a cheap mask, but it takes a lot more work to maintain a body weight of 150 pounds over normal size.  And furthermore, Kevin asks when Matt is going to show some talent instead of just waving his paw around.0310_jackets_fans_1_1a_03-10-09_a1_0nd61p51

Folks, this could get ugly.  And if you saw these guys up close, you would know what I mean.


2 responses to “Is Kevin Jealous?

  1. Dancing Kevin

    This is Dancing Kevin and just saw this old post and want to say this has never been true. I love Matt!!

  2. Truth Serum

    Keven, no disrespect from me here. Nobody dances better than you at CBJ games, not even the Ice Tarts that the team employs. Anyway, it’s great that my three year-old blog post finally got some attention.

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