Boston Tonight

One of the teams I have been following besides the Blue Jackets are the Boston Bruins.  I’ve always liked them since the Bobby Orr days and whenever I was working in Boston, I would try to attend a game.  Another big reason I follow the Bruins is because of NESN, the TV broadcast outlet for the team.  My reason is quite simple; NESN was an early provider of HD hockey broadcasts, so I watched Bruins games.  The quality of the broadcast is always very good and last season, the team also improved enough to make the playoffs.  And when you watch the Bruins, you get Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley.

Edwards was with ESPN for a number of years before joining NESN.  Brick did a lot of college hockey broadcasts, so I knew about them before I saw both together with the Bruins.  They’re always great to listen to, but Edwards has been accused of being somewhat of a homer.  More than Jeff Rimer.  I’ve heard him get pissed off about a non-call or the play of an opponent, but who really cares?  That’s his job.  He doesn’t work for ESPN anymore, so let him say what he wants.  He has a long way to go before he sounds like Don Cherry.

I’m going to record the game tomorrow when NESN usually does a re-broadcast and hear what he has to say about the Jackets.  Maybe Derek Dorsett or Jared Boll will give him something to yell about.  But for anyone out there with access to NESN, tune in to the game to listen.  It won’t be as dramatic as the great Jim Day grinding his voice or Danny Gare saying “partner” a few hundred times, but it’s still standard homerism.

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