Motor City Madness

It’s been twelve hours and time for some reflection.

I was unfair to say that Brian Rafelski is Nash’s bitch.  I forgot that he also gave Jason Williams a helper last night on his goal.  So he belongs to the whole Jacket team.

A lot of people put down Chris Osgood, but he does come through in the playoffs.  He’s had bad games in the past against Columbus, especially when he was with the Islanders and Blues, but he is a capable goalie.  His team hung him out to dry last night.  The second goal from Rick Nash and Andrew Murray’s goal should not happen in a NHL game.  Maybe Detroit does have a few cracks in it’s armor?

It was fun last night, but Columbus still has four tough games in the week.  Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Detroit again.  They have to take at least six points from these.

Can we seat more Blue Jacket fans at Nationwide on Thursday than Penguin fans?  Is this too much to ask?  I don’t want to be surrounded by people wearing Super Bowl stuff and proclaiming how great their franchise is.  It was just a few years ago that they were headed to Kansas City or Hamilton.  Then they hit bottom in the NHL and were rewarded with Sidney Crosby and money from the Commonwealth for a new arena.

If you can’t wait until Tuesday to see a hockey game at Nationwide, you might want to check out the CCYHA Mite House Championship game on Monday at the arena.  The 7:25 tilt features the Bruins against the Stars.  Good seats are still available and I know the game is blacked out.


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