Random Thoughts

I sure hope the Jackets show up tonight.  You can say all you want about how they were outplayed in Vancouver by a better team, but they only scored three goals in three games on that road trip.

Paging Kristian Huselius.  Huselius out there?

The Columbus Dispatch announced 45 layoffs in the editorial department.  I see a lot of new Bloggers out there!  Perhaps they lucky ones were given a copy of The Dispatch articles on surviving in tough economic times.  Those pieces were chock full of useful information!

Perhaps OSU could just pick up the payroll since since most of The Dispatch writers cover the university anyway.

Who has Aaron Portzline traded today?  Over the years, he has sent quite a few players packing.  Would Ottawa take Pascal Leclaire to solve their current goaltender problems?  They need a goaltender today.

And who wants Christian Backman?  I didn’t think so.  So he’s a Jacket for now.

I hope that the Jackets can count on someone else other than Rick Nash to generate offense.  Maybe they could generate some offense by taking shots within 30 feet of the goal.

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