The Process Needs Fixed

Today in the Columbus Dispatch, Tom Reed has an article all about the War Room in Toronto.  It tells all about the neat equipment in the room and who hangs out there and that the soldiers in the War Room are all really nice people who just love hockey.  A short read, easy on the eyes, and not upsetting.

But just this past week the process screwed another team again.  And I received lots of comments on my previous post about the Detroit-San Jose game.  The vast majority of them were not suitable for publication.

I point all this out to once again stand on my soapbox and shout to the hockey world that the process is not healthy and needs fixed.  And it should be a priority when the NHL gets together to look into areas that need attention.

Transcripts need to be kept.  When a decision is made, either upholding the on-ice call or reversing it, the public needs to know how the decision was made.  And they need to know if the on-ice crew was in agreement with the call from the War Room.  I would think that there are many War Room decisions that are not favored by the on-ice crew.

Every rink should have HD equipment installed and operating.  Every rink should have a minimum number of cameras and standard camera positions maintained.  I hate to think that a game was because there were only three standard definition cameras operating in that arena.

These are many other issues that need to be examined.  How about having standards for who gets to sit in the War Room?

Colin Campbell is a nice guy and works hard.  He was even quick to point that Rick Nash was off-side on a Columbus goal, but the Jackets got away with it.  That one is almost cute.  I’m still waiting for him to explain how a one-legged Manny Malhotra can quick a puck into the net while skating.


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