I’m Back

I’m back in town and have a new hard drive in my computer, so I’ll have some posts up soon.  I did make it to the Detroit game last Friday and the St. Louis game last night.  There are a lot of tournament games in town this weekend as high school hockey starts comes to an end and I will be busy with that.  But this site is up and will remain porn-free.


5 responses to “I’m Back

  1. Nice outfit the night of the Detroit game. I assume that I just couldn’t see the CBJ logo on that bright red sweatshirt. I would have called you at the game to razz you, but I’d left my phone in the car.

  2. That was a licensed CBJ fleece, Drew! I wanted to blend in with all the Red Wing fans in my section.

    I had fun listening to the Detroit fans telling how long they have been following their team and the hallowed traditions of the organization. When I had season tickets in Steve Yzerman’s first few years, they must have been going to Piston games because Joe Louis was lucky to get 12,000 people at a game. That was when Danny Gare was captain, by the way. Brad Park anchored the defense. And real men played without helmets.

  3. I’ll admit I didn’t bring my binoculars, but your seat neighbors left nothing to the imagination. I could see the Winged Wheel from the other side of the arena.

    Yeah, my dad is one of those kind of Red Wing fans. He’s been following the team forever (2000).

  4. One Detroit fan near me had a signed Ted Lindsay #7 on! Now that is a guy who probably was at the half-empty Joe with me years ago.

  5. He probably enjoyed seeing the video of Gordie Howe on the jumbotron wearing the CBJ sweater.

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