Thanks Guys!

If the Jackets are going to make the playoffs, they need to win and also need some help from other teams.  Last night, we needed Calgary over Anaheim, Montreal over Edmonton, Dallas over Phoenix, and Colorado over Minnesota.  And you guessed right, none of those teams won.  Foote still didn’t dress last night for Colorado, so we can’t blame him for that.  But it does make me wonder why he was saying that he might have been able to play on Tuesday against the Blue Jackets.  Sounds like more Foote bullshit to me.

And what’s up with Edmonton?  They either get blown out or they whip the other team, no middle ground.

Todd Marchant assisted the Scott Niedermayer  OT goal in Anaheim, so I guess he really doesn’t want to come back here.

For tonight, you need to cheer on the Red Wings over Minnesota, Calgary over Los Angeles, and St. Louis over Nashville.  The last one is easy because I don’t think I could ever cheer Nashville.

One last thing, Colorado fans.  You quit calling us the Dinner Jackets and remember to use all three letters (CBJ) of our name and I’ll stop making remarks about that traitor and weasel, Adam Foote.

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