No Foot(e) to Stand on, Colorado Falls

Colorado 0, Columbus 3.

Dan LaCosta comes through again.

2 responses to “No Foot(e) to Stand on, Colorado Falls

  1. Congrats to Dan on his second win and first shutout. But am I the only one who thought that his “semi-frozen puck awareness” or whatever you want to call it is a bit lacking. On those saves where he knew he’d stopped (or slowed) the puck, he frequently seemed to either freeze and hope for the best, or be looking somewhere else for the puck. Maybe all goalies do this and it was just the camera angles that FSOhio showed last night, but he looked lucky a few times. If the Avalanche forwards had been a little more alert themselves, this could have been a tick in the loss column.

    But then, I’m also a pessimist.

  2. As they say, you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good. I saw several of those saves that you mention right in front of me and he handled them properly. His speed is not like Mason’s, but his confidence grew as the game went on. He only froze once, when the referee waited too long to blow the whistle when the puck was safe underneath his ass.

    Notice that LaCosta plays back in the net just like Mason. This is a new trend among NHL goalies, substituting positioning for speed in order to cover more ground. I do not think that LaCosta can handle the workload of a Steve Mason, but it sure is nice to have a more than adequate backup.

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