We’re Still In It

Nothing to do on this nice Sunday, but post a few things.  I’m just glad the Jackets won last night so that the buzzkill commentors will go away for another day or two.  Yeah, the three game losing streak was tough, but this is the NHL and you have to earn your way.  We can’t play Youngstown or other cream puffs in this league.  Even St. Louis is dangerous.

So Dan Lacosta is capable despite the long shadow of Manny Legace looming over him.  And Christian Bachman is also capable of scoring and playing sound defense.  It would be nice if Fredrik Modin could contribute now and then, but that is another story.  The team really showed some courage last night.

I’m sure San Jose came in here and planned to blow Columbus right out of the building.  They watched Dallas kill the Rangers and earlier yesterday Detroit crushed Edmonton.  The Sharks hoped to put the game away early and get away without any aches and pains, head into Boston, and do battle there.  They came out of the gate fast and tested Lacosta early.  The Jackets were given two early opportunities and converted both of them.  Instead of turning on cruise control, the Sharks had to get back to the basics, such as scoring a goal and clearing the puck out of their own end.  When they finally accomplished that, it was too late and the game was headed to overtime.

Look, you can rant and rag on the Jackets all you want, but they won last night and have not been eliminated from the playoffs.  Sure, it didn’t look promising when the puck was dropped, but did you think they wouldn’t show up?  This team failed to show up earlier in the season against LA and then quickly got back on track.  We got clobbered by a much improved Dallas team earlier in the week and then we went into Pittsburgh, who is not a pushover at home.  Take St. Louis lightly and there you have your basic three game losing streak.  That’s over with and it’s on to other Jacket items to complain/rant/rage against.  By tomorrow the local negativity will rise back up, strong enough to smell and give you a headache.

Something I am upset about is that once again, Adam Foote won’t be here to face the fans.  A large Nationwide crowd would have fun with the little traitor/weasel even though FSN will not permit any coverage of anti-Foote activities.  I suppose that makes things even since Foote won’t cover opposing forwards in Colorado.

Relax, people.  We’re in for a very bumpy ride until the end of the season.


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