Day Afterthoughts

So did Zetterberg leave early last night to alert his accountant?

Kris Russell and the team had an outstanding game last night.  Yet there are guys like this complaining all the time.

The game in Calgary i heard danny gare say he thought that game was Kris Russell’s best game as a blue jacket. He had 1 assist, 1 shot, and was a minus 1 for the game. Now you say Russell was very very good against Detroit. He had 0 shots, 0 points, 0 everything. Am i missing something here ? He has the worst +/- on the team and it isnt even close. RUDY was a great movie but this is getting insane with all the love this guy gets when he really doesnt do anything special. Commodore and Methot are much better offensive dmen. Our PP is LAST and Russell LEADS the team with power play time, coincidence ? I dont think so

Just what we need, more puck-tards with internet access.

Just asking, but does Chris Chelios get to play under AARP rules?  The man holds Jared Boll’s stick, but draws a penalty when Boll yanks it out of his hands and hits  Chelli in the face.  Boll deserved his two, but how about both ways?  Or does a senior discount apply here?

Michael Peca’s favorite offical worked the game last night and did he show his love for the Jackets.  Can Greg Kimmerly get a new hobby?  Perhaps he could work for one of the car towing companies that harass us in Columbus?

But I have to give a shout-out to all of the absolute asshole drivers that live here in Central Ohio.  Thanks to your complete lack of basic driving skills, you clogged the roads last night and kept the numbers of Red Wing fans down to a manageable minimum.  I’ll bet some of you saved your worst road skills for last night and let me say that it was one of your finest efforts.  I’m sure that many of you left your workplaces shortly after noon yesterday and probably put two or three miles in by 6:00 PM last night, keeping the crowd down to 12,000 at Nationwide.  It only took me two hours to get home last night after the game, normally a 40 minute drive.  And you ask why Columbus doesn’t get any respect?  Even Ken Hitchcock thinks you are pussies.


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