Interview with a CBJ fan, continued.

Dispatches From Columbus is more than a site for pucktards and fanboys.  During the next few months, we will be interviewing CBJ fans and ask them what they like about the Blue Jackets, Nationwide Arena, and hockey in general.  The following is the second in this continuing series.  We’re looking for the average fan here, not a Chiller C Leaguer or anyone else with special insights to the game of hockey.  We want to hear the voice of the average fan who attends Blue Jacket hockey games.

Today’s interview is with Cynthia, also from Upper Dublin.  Cynthia won’t disclose her age.  She is the mother of five and is married to Edward. She says that she knew nothing about hockey until her children enrolled in hockey classes at a local rink, but now calls herself a real hockey mom.  Although her family owns season tickets at Nationwide, her busy schedule prevents her from attending as many games as she would like.

Truth Serum:  Cynthia, thank you for talking to Dispatches from Columbus.  Tell us about hockey and what it means to you.

Cynthia:  It means the world to me and my family.  My oldest son is Cole. He was heavily recruited as a walk-on at University of Iowa and will be going there next fall. He made a verbal commitment to seven other schools, just to be safe, but Iowa just seemed to be a perfect fit. It has been a whirlwind year for Cole, with the three junior teams he has been on and his 23rd birthday and all.

Truth:  Good for Cole.  But does Iowa have a hockey program?  I wasn’t aware of any NCAA hockey team.  And did you say he was 23?

Cynthia:  The university has plans to roll out a team soon.  And I will be so proud when Cole is named captain.

Truth:  Well, I just learned something about hockey that I didn’t know, let alone comprehend.

Cynthia:  I have another son, Clark, who is 19 and playing hockey at St. Anselm of the Manor Prep.  It is much better for him at St. Anselm than the other two schools he attended last year.  He has 31 goals so far, giving him 31 points for the season.

Truth:  Thirty-one goals!  That’s terrific.  How many assists does he have?

Cynthia:  Excuse me?  How many what?

Truth:  Assists; you know, for passing the puck to a teammate who scores a goal?

Cynthia:  He doesn’t have any because his teammates are never open.  They’re always lagging behind him and it is annoying.  And they were really mean to him and didn’t vote him captain.

Truth:  Do you have any daughters?
Cynthia:  Yes.  Caitlyn is 15 and a freshman at Pulver Academy.  She should be the starting goalie, but the coach keeps playing this boy who was on the team last year.  Talk about politics.

Truth:  Yeah, politics are bad.  It sounds like your three kids really keep you busy with hockey.

Cynthia:  I have one other child, too.  Curtis is eight and is doing great.  He doesn’t email us much, but the family that billets him says that he has stopped crying at night.

Truth:  Where does he live?

Cynthia:  In Chicoutimi, Quebec.  We heard of this terrific coach who has a good track record and we knew he would be good for Curtis.  In three years, he will be ready to go right to Junior!

Truth:  Three years in Chicoutimi?  Wow, that must long trip to visit and spend time with him.

Cynthia:  The coach advised against that.  Told us it would make him soft.  We’ll know in three years if it paid off.

Truth:  Do you have a husband?

Cynthia:  Yes, Edward.  He’s a real stay at home type, especially since we got Center Ice.  And then the rink got the restraining order against him, so that keeps him at home, too.

Truth:  Restraining order?

Cynthia:  It’s not as bad as it sounds.  Edward wanted to talk to the referee after the game about a call he made and one thing led to another.

Truth:  Led to what?

Cynthia:  Due to the terms of the restraining order, I’m not allowed to talk about it.  But it was an accident, I swear.

Truth:  Well, you certainly have a huge interest in hockey.

Cynthia:  That’s not all.  I joined a Hockey Moms program and I love it.  We play once a week, but I’m trying to get them to add more sessions.  I also entered our team in a tournament this April in Helsinki.

Truth:  Well, I had other questions, but I’m going to hold off.  Wait, didn’t you say you have five kids?

Cynthia:  I do have son named Charles.  He is a senior and does not want to play any sports.  He is in the orchestra, theater club, and the National Honor Society.  Edward and I don’t know what went wrong with him because we tried to raise him just like the rest of the family.  The therapist said it would be better if we let him do his thing, so we just stand back.

Truth:  Well, you certainly have an interesting family life.  I hope things turn out for you.

Cynthia:  Oh, they will.  Soon the world will see one of my children playing in the NHL!

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