In with 2009, Out with 2008

Some thoughts as the new year begins.  Call them pluses and negatives, whatever you want.  I would add something about video replays at Nationwide, but that hasn’t changed since it opened.

In with 2009, Out with 2008
Steve Mason, #1                                                 Pascal Leclaire
Pascal Leclaire, #2                                             Fredrik Norrena
Mike Commodore                                               Adam Foote
Phoenix, nemisis                                                 Nashville
Chicago                                                                  Dallas
Shea Weber                                                          Dion Phaneuf
Evgeni Malkin                                                      Dany Heatley
Higher concession prices at Nationwide   Lower concession prices at Nationwide
Boston’s Pizza                                                      Red Star Tavern
On-ice Officials                                                   Toronto War Room
Fedor Tyutin                                                        Nikolai Zherdev
Nikita Filatov                                                       Nikolai Zherdev
In-game ice attendants                                      Mountain Dew Jackets
NHL Center Ice                                                   FSN Ohio Blackout
Dispatches From Columbus                             End of the Bench

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