Nice win; now give me 30 more!

Nice win last night over the San Jose Sharks.  The boys in teal showed Columbus why they are #1 with their relentless attacking, the physical play, and their puck possession.  They’re a good team and it was a win to be savored.  But that was last night.

Tonight, the team is in Dallas and they have a chance to pick up another win and seperate themselves from the other Western teams chasing a playoff spot.  The Western Conference is startng to tighten up, with a gap developing between the sixth place Ducks and the rest of the teams.  Only two points, a single win, is the difference between Columbus and seventh place Nashville.  And a win tonight would help bury Dallas further into the bottom of the Conference.  So let’s build on the victory over the Sharks and win tonight.  In fact, the team can really make a difference with the next five games.

Our new  nemesis, the Phoenix Coyotes, are on the schedule for Saturday night.  That looks like the toughest contest over this five game stretch.  I would be happy with a point out of this game.  Then, the Jackets host the Kings at Nationwide, a glorious chance for two points while enjoying the All You Can Eat promotion.  (This promotion does not cover beverages or anti-acids.  Also, during the game if anyone returns to their seat while blocking my view without waiting for a whistle, I won’t feel bad about hurling my food at them to help them learn hockey etiquette.)

After the Kings, the team hosts Philadelphia, a tough team, but we get them at home.  And then it is back out to LA.  The Jackets could get eight points from these five games!  That would create some room in the standings.

So, the 24 hour high will be ending at 8:30 tonight.  It was great watching Steve Mason keep the team in the game, and it was just as nice to see Michael Peca tie the game.  Overtime looked as if the puck would never leave our defensive zone, but one well-place pass from Tyutin to Huselius, and it was over.  The Dancing Swedes are probably just waking up now.

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