Interview with a CBJ fan.

Dispatches From Columbus is more than a site for pucktards and fanboys.  During the next few months, we will be interviewing CBJ fans and ask them what they like about the Blue Jackets, Nationwide Arena, and hockey in general.  We’re looking for the average fan here, not a Chiller C Leaguer or anyone else with special insights to the game of hockey.  We want to hear the voice of the average fan who attends Blue Jacket hockey games.

Today’s interview is with Todd from Upper Dublin.  Todd is 28 and lives in a condo that his parents bought him.  He attended Ohio State from 1998-1999, 2001-2003, and currently is a part-time student at the university.  He also holds down a job with his father’s company as Assistant Vice President of Operations.

Todd goes to quite a few hockey games each season, getting his tickets from vendors who call on his father.

Truth Serum:  Todd, thanks for talking to Dispatches from Columbus.  I know you’re busy, so we appreciate your time.

Todd:  No problem.  (Cell phone rings playing Across The Field, glances at display)  I’m always available to talk to the hometown newspaper.  And I love reading about the Buckeyes every morning when I get to the office.

Truth:  That’s great, but I’m not from the Columbus Dispatch.  Anyway, what is your favorite part about attending a Blue Jacket game?

Todd:  You sure?  We are in Columbus, right?  Home of the Bucks!  O-H-I-O!  (Tries to give me a fist jab.)

Truth:  Yes, we’re in Columbus, but this interview is about the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team.  If you could tell me what you like most about attending a Blue Jackets hockey game, I would …

Todd:  No problem.  I like all the TV’s they have in the Bud Light Lounge and the concourse and the club level area and the suites.  I can catch the latest Buckeye news on them.  (Cell rings)

Truth:  That’s great, Todd, but can you tell us anything about the hockey games that you like?

Todd:  Well, when I can’t watch TV at the games, I suppose I like seeing some of the babes at the games.  Man, the pickings are good at Nationwide.  It’s pretty easy to get something going with them, just buy them a beer, show them my BMW key, talk about the Bucks.

Truth:  OK Todd.  What about the pre-game skate, or the t-shirt toss, or the pre-game video that they show, like the Saturday Night Live theme?

Todd:  I’ve never arrived that early.  I kinda show up around five minutes into the game.  Me and my buddies are usually at some bar before the game and it’s not easy to get to the arena on time.  So I can’t really say anything about pre-game.  Now, I can tell you all kinds of stuff about post-game!  Like last night, we went to …  (Cell rings to a Rihanna song)

Truth:  That’s interesting, Todd.  I can understand a busy guy like yourself not being able to get there in time, so what about the game itself?  What do you like most, the speed of the game, the skating skills of the players, the toughness?

Todd:  Oh, I would have to say the toughness.  I love the hitting.  It’s almost as good as a Buckeye football game.  You know, I’ll bet Terrellle Pryor would be a hell of a hockey guy.  Dude would just own the Red Wings.  He wouldn’t take no shit from a Michigan team!

Truth:  I never thought of Terrelle Pryor playing for the Blue Jackets, Todd.  The only connection I make with Ohio State is RJ Umberger.  You must have watched a lot of his games when he laced them up for the Buckeyes?

Todd:  RJ Hamburger?  Was he a free safety?  Did he play in the Fiesta Bowl?

Truth:  Todd, we’re almost out of time here, but before you go, can I ask you about the game last night against San Jose?  Wasn’t that an exciting finish, with the Jackets coming from behind in the third period to tie the game and then winning it in overtime?  That was about as exciting as you can get!

Todd:  Last night?  I missed that part.  I left, I dunno, sometime in the third quarter after I talked to this girl I met last Saturday.  Good thing too, because I hate getting stuck in all the traffic around Nationwide.  I don’t always get free parking passes with my tickets, so I have to be careful where I park my Beemer.  The lease is up in May and my Dad gets pissed when I bring it home with a scratch in it.  Hey, (cell phone rings again, plays Lil Wayne), I gotta take this call.  Good talking to you, and Go Bucks!


3 responses to “Interview with a CBJ fan.

  1. I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

  2. Thanks, Eric. I’ll be interviewing more fans in the coming weeks.

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