Norrena On Waivers

norrenaThe Blue Jackets placed Fredrik Norrena on waivers early this afternoon.  I’m not sure anyone will pick him up right away, but you never know.  I read some of the comments over at Puck-Rakers and they are pretty negative.  But I ask all of you to remember how happy you were to see Ty Conklin leave the team a few years ago and wonder if you would like to have him back.  Conklin has performed will since he left Columbus, first in Pittsburgh and now in Detroit.  And he costs a lot less than Freddie, too.

What we all forget, as we castigate the Columbus goaltenders, is that it is difficult to play here with our mediocre defense and low-scoring offense.  Competence, or at least the appearance of it, does wonders for the confidence and the performance of goaltenders.  At the same time, it is easier on the skaters when they feel that their goalie will cover up for their own mistakes.

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