What is the problem?

I’ve looked around the hockey blogoshpere and read the obituaries for the Blue Jackets.  It may be a tad early, but I really can’t come up with much to refute the negative postings except for the good old “Hey, it’s early” response.

But I will not jump on the anti-Howson bandwagon without first asking if the team needs to sit down with Ken Hitchcock and ask him if has an improvement plan drafted.  His opening plan sounded pretty impressive, but it isn’t working.  At all.  And I wonder if a change needs to be considered.

The team has a solid group of core players, with Nash, Leclaire, Mason, Brassard, Huselius, Umberger, Commodore, Tyutin, Peca, and probably someone else that I missed.  We don’t have a Crosby or a Zetterburg or Malkin or “Fill in here”, but we do have a decent core.  But the team is not winning, is pathetic on the power play, and things only get tougher in the NHL as the season goes along.  So I’m asking the question that will light up the comments, but do we have the appropriate coaching strategy and tactics in place?  Because right now, the Blue Jackets are racing to the bottom, early in the season or not.  Maybe a new coach might help.

So go ahead, let me have it with your comments.  I do not hear any reports about Hitchcock asking Howson for a different player, or wanting to get rid of a certain player via trade or Syracuse.  Do some of the players that I didn’t name impede the team?  That no matter how good our core is, the average level of skill and execution on the team is being dragged down?


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